I was born and raised in the breathtakingly beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. I got my degree, as well as a back bone at Stellenbosch University. Graduated with a degree in accountancy, as well as an Honours degree in accountancy in 2010 & 2012 respectively.

I moved to the vibrant city of gold, namely Johannesburg in 2013. Here is where a learned to be the independent woman that I am today. I completed my 3-years of articles at a medium size audit firm.

Since i can remember my dream was to live overseas, immerse myself in the culture of others. Travel to every country on this planet and live life to the fullest, cause we for sure only have one. My dream came true in October 2015, when i received a call that i got a job at a Big 4 audit firm in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They handled my visa application and before i knew it i was on a plane on 20 February 2016 to Amsterdam.

I am know less than 2.5 hour flight away from every European country and spending much time to travel as often as i can.
The dutch also believe in having a good work-life balance and hence i spent most of my evenings cooking.
Because my family/loved-one’s are so far, i now take many pictures to send to them, to show them all the exciting things that i do. Due to this reason I have taken a course in photography, to capture all those beautiful memories.

And that is why I have the blog today, to document my travels, cooking and photography.

May God bless our journeys! ❤